Presenter: David Evans

Presents: Cool Country

Radio Grapevine came to my attention when I was 16 years old. Before that, I had dabbled in acting for a number of years, including working for the BBC on a number of radio plays. It was then that I discovered I loved spending time in a studio environment. I have a heart condition (see photo!) and so had spent a good deal of time in hospital; not only was volunteering at Radio Grapevine giving me 'studio time' but I was also giving something back to the NHS, in a roundabout way. Since then, I have toured the wards, collecting requests and getting the patients involved in competitions. I have produced and presented a number of shows over the years, including 'The Midweek Special' and 'Cool Country', both of which still play today.

I participated in Radio Grapevine's commercial stint as 'Real Radio', presenting two very different types of music shows. I also present at the occasional outside event that Radio Grapevine delivers across the community. Finally, I have in the past served on the Radio Grapevine Committee, being elected on a number of occasions into the post of Membership Secretary.

Musically, I was brought up on a diet of rock & country music courtesy of my Mum &Dad respectively, so it's no surprise that my favourite bands are Pink Floyd and The Eagles! I have a broad musical taste although in general I avoid jazz unless it's Norah Jones.

I still get a kick out of presenting a live show on the radio, but being a volunteer at Grapevine is much more than that. I have many good friends that I may have otherwise never met had I not volunteered at the station. I get the chance to meet many different kinds of people, play great music and help make the day go just a little bit better for the patients of St John’s.

You can currently hear me on 'Cool Country', every Monday afternoon at 5pm.

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